Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) is a Non-Government Organization that uses an issue-based approach to advocate for the rights and best interests of children who come into contact with the law, whether as offenders, victims or witnesses. The Organization holds its Secretariat at its head office in Lusaka, Zambia and has so far operated in several Districts in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Eastern, Muchinga, Northern and Central Provinces of Zambia through various Projects.

About Advocacy for Child Justice ACJ Zambia


ACJ was originally founded in 2002 as Advocacy for Juvenile Justice (AJJ), established in May of 2004 and registered later that year in November. AJJ became fully operational in 2009, working as a national NGO advocating for the rights of children who come into conflict with the Zambian law. AJJ was founded in response to the increasing injustices against children and gaps identified in the fight for their rights in the Juvenile Justice system. Its establishment and registration was seconded by the then Child Justice Forum (CJF) leadership, whose formation was AJJ’s brain child and now sits under Judiciary. AJJ underwent a name change to Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ), in 2014 to reflect the legislative changes occurring in Zambia.

Our Vision

A Zambian society that upholds rights of all children and is free from all forms of child injustice.

Our Mission

To improve standards in the administration of child justice in Zambia, through advocating for the rights of children at all levels of the justice system.

Our Core Values

Confidentiality: We maintain confidentiality with regards to our partners and children
Accountability: We are accountable to the partners, Children, government and all those that we work with.
Integrity: We maintain high levels of honesty in our work
Transparency: We are open in the way we work with children, communities and partners.
Collaboration: We work with communities and children.

Our Commitments
  • Uphold, respect, safeguard and promote children’s rights at all times.
  • Speak and act against child injustice
  • Promote equitable justice for all children
  • Committed to social justice and good governance
  • Committed to gender equality in the administration of child justice