Child Justice

Our main objective is to encourage restorative Justice for Children and not punitive by advocating for Child-friendly procedures such as Child-friendly courts and diversion programs for Children who come into conflict with the law, beginning at the Community level through local structures such as the Zambia Police Service, social welfare, and community leaders.

Advocacy for Child Justice

For over 20 years, ACJ has been advocating for child justice in Zambia. We are a Non-Government Organization that uses an issue-based approach to advocate for the rights and best interests of children and promote their overall social development. To achieve this, our work areas involve:

We need your support

Child Justice starts with adults. Take action & get involved.

There are various ways you can get involved in our fight for child justice. Here are some of them:

  • Become a Volunteer
  • Raise Awareness
  • Collaborate with ACJ
  • Donate to Support our Projects

Our Past and Present Cooperating Partners

ACJ has had the privilege to partner with various organisations that have made financial commitments to see to it that Child Justice is served. Below are some of these organisations.