ACJ’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole world, including you reading this, are probably tired of hearing about how COVID-19 changed the way we all did things. Between the news reports, quarantines, face masks, sanitizers, and social distancing; everyone has been affected by this pandemic. That being said, all of us at ACJ just want to fill you in on how we handled the pandemic and keep our mission intact. Here at ACJ we highly depend on getting face to face with victims, community leaders, advocates and other personal to make our mission to bring justice to every Zambian child a reality. Well COVID had other plans and we had to adjust, and we are proud to say we did. Although we couldn’t do things we normally could, we made adjustments and are still here to continue our mission. We wore masks, sanitized offices, worked remotely, attended zoom meetings, social distanced, and continued to keep the public involved via our website and social media pages.

                It wasn’t easy but for that reason alone, we just want to stop and just acknowledge that we made it to this point. And this pride isn’t about ACJ alone, but rather the fact that the great people that work for ACJ can continue advocating for children in need across the country. We thank our hard-working employees and administration for not backing down when things got tough and making it known to all Zambian children that their rights are heard and we plan to fight for them to be protected. COVID tests, quarantines, reporting symptoms, additional meetings, zoom calls and many more obstacles were met and overcome by our ACJ’s much appreciated team members.

However the largest concern for ACJ was the inability to physically meet with children in person for assistance. During the pandemic, ACJ had to unfortunately close the doors to public visitors and solutions had to be made so some assistance could be provided during these hard times. So ACJ team members worked incredibly hard to create media for children to access and communicate with ACJ, in the form of phone messaging, phone calls, zoom calls, or social media engagements. Many meetings were held over zoom or postponed to a safer time for in-person discussions as well. One of the many talents of ACJ team members was the ability to still get the message out for children to receive by creating child-friendly materials for them to better make use of.


We would also like to thank the surrounding community, our followers online, and all those that support ACJ across the world. Your dedication to our mission by engaging online, attending meetings, and checking in with us gives us the energy to keep moving forward. Here at ACJ, morale is high and it’s not because COVID-19 is over and we can go entirely back to normal. But rather, we made it through the storm of COVID and know now that any obstacle that comes up won’t slow us down.

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