February 14, 2020

Children’s Involvement in Harmful Chemical Spraying/Gassing

Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) is deeply perturbed by reports in the media indicating the involvement of children in the spraying of unknown poisonous chemicals with intent to injure/harm fellow children. The- Spraying-of-Harmful-Chemical reports which has dominated our air waves makes a very sad reading and shows how Zambia is swiftly degenerating into a heartless society and a threat to children’s safety and development. Zambia is no longer safe for the children! The current situation and confession stories of children being used by unknown people in this evil gassing/spraying of innocent people and their fellow children is a violation of children’s rights, and a serious assault on Article 24(1)(2) on the protection of young persons from exploitation. Article 24(1) (2) Amendment No.18 of 1996 of the constitution of Zambia states that: (1) “No young person shall be employed and shall and shall in no case be caused or permitted to ... Read More