Community Correctional Center (CCC)

The Community Correctional Center (CCC) was established on 1st April, 2014 at Plot 1302 Ngwerere Road, off Palm Drive in Chelston. This is also the location of our main office.

Boys playing cards

boys playing cards

The CCC was established for the purpose of creating a safe haven and comfortable atmosphere for children to enjoy the various services offered by ACJ.

Children and families are welcome at ACJ for utilization of the legal aid desk, counseling services, recreational activities, as well as valuable information and resources on all topics related to child justice.

Some children are referred to ACJ for counselling by the police after an assessment of their cases indicate that subjecting them to the criminal justice system may not be in their best interests.  Others come to ACJ for counselling through a court order and the remaining cases are referred to ACJ from schools and the wider community.

The Community Correctional Centre (CCC) seeks to provide an alternative for children in our society to committing crimes and other vices. We have a Diversion Program in which we advocate to divert children in conflict with the law from incarceration to the CCC where we provide effective rehabilitation, recreation and education; this is because ACJ believes that imprisonment of children should be the last resort.  is because hat CC believes hat ldren should be the last reosrt.The Community Correctional Centre provides a mental health counsellor to offer guidance and support for children that are of high risk or have come into minor conflict with the law. We strive to develop and maintain a close working relationship with the families of affected children, the Police Service, Courts, Social Welfare Department and the Prison Service to maintain clear and effective services for the children.

The Community Correctional Centre also serves as a venue for various workshops organized by the ACJ staff throughout the year. The boardroom allows for nearly twenty inspiring minds to come together to address the major issues facing child justice and to work towards creating stronger relationships and more productive agencies.

In promoting best practices in the administration of child justice we offer the following services:-

  • Recreational activities
  • Psycho-social counselling
  • Life skills
  • Facility transitional services
  • Family support
  • Behavioural change program
  • Job preparation and placement
  • Case management
  • Community services

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