Our Work


Specific Objectives

  • Provide a forum for advocacy and promotion for improved administration of justice among children who find themselves in contact with the law.
  • Promote the training and capacity building for law enforcement agencies in the areas of Human Rights and Child Justice.
  • Advocate for the establishment of child friendly courts and prison cells through resource mobilization and capacity building.
  • Provide psycho-social support and economic empowerment to children who come into conflict with the law and at risk.
  • Contribute towards policy development through consultancy research and advocacy.
  • Coordinate joint activities among NGO’s and other CBOs that are dealing with Child Justice and the welfare of children.
ACJ Zambia

ACJ facilitates programs which strive to shape a society free from all forms of child injustice and promotes the protection and overall development of children. Thereby, providing equal opportunities for Zambian children to achieve their desired goals and aspirations. These progressive and transformative interventions include provision of free legal aid services, social development programmes and advocacy at the community and national level.  This is in the belief that creating a community that is knowledgeable and sensitized about children’s rights, as well as the consequences for violating these rights, are key in protecting children.


Strategic Objectives

The strategic focus of ACJ for the period 2021-2025 is on the following areas and actions:

  • To build a credible institution with strong organizational structures, systems and policies and to effectively address children’s justice issues.
  • To advocate and lobby for improvement of the existing legal framework, court systems and budget allocation for programs that are supportive to protection and development of children.
  • To enhance generation, documentation, and dissemination of information on children’s justice and standards in the administration as a basis for advocacy and programming.
  • To enhance the mitigation of impact of economic hardships among children who come into conflict with the law and at risk.
  • To undertake social development programs such as Community Correctional Centers, children’s villages and education support services that will equip vulnerable children and young people at social risk with life skills.
  • To facilitate psychosocial support, child friendly counseling, economic empowerment and behavior change among marginalized young people and children who come into conflict with the law.
  • Contribute towards policy development through consultancy, research and advocacy.

Owing to the complexity of the problems of children’s justice; protection and the law, the organization’s intervention embraces issue-based approaches. This gives ACJ leverage to intervene in any problem that is within its mandate as stipulated within her objectives, mission, vision and values that form the bedrock of this strategic intervention and programming in the following thematic areas:


  • Physical violence against children in conflict with the law. Mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS on circumstantial children and other children in conflict with the law.
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) for children of incarcerated mothers.
  • Psycho-social support for children in contact with the law; offenders, victims and those at risk of continued delinquency.
  • Establishment of Centers for the children (Children’s Villages, Community Correctional Centres).
  • Access to justice for the children that come into conflict with the law.
  • Capacity building of role players in the Justice System.

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