Strategy Plan


Lifesavers Zambia is a Programme under Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) which targets vulnerable children, especially in the poor communities and rural areas of Zambia where access to education, health services and other social amenities are often limited or scarce. The Programme is designed to create an environment suitable for child habitation and development by eliminating the social injustices at National, community and house hold level. The programme also seek to rehabilitate the children exposed to traumatizing abuses by providing a safe-net at the children’s village and camping facilities.

Mission: To Promote Social development of children through elimination of social injustices our communities.

Vision: Every child lives a fulfilled life and every adult’s desire, to support the will of children.

Motto: Children first above all else.

Lifesavers programme is built on five pillars:
1. Livelihood, Nutrition and food security
2. Health, water and sanitation
3. Education and life skills
4. Sponsor a Child  

5.Social Transformation Development