Regional and Local partners

ACJ believes that concerted efforts are required in the fight for child justice and so collaborates with both Regional bodies and local Civil Society Organizations that are passionate about the cause of children. At regional level, ACJ interacts with:


Civil Society Forum (CSO-Forum), networking platform that opens communication between ACJ and other organizations aimed at putting an end to injustice towards children.


African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC), group aimed at unifying African nations to achieve the goals of preserving the rights and welfare of African children. ACERWC – African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child


Child Rights Network in Southern Africa (CRNSA), group aimed at protecting the rights of children specifically in Southern African nations. Child Rights Network for Southern Africa | CRNSA


Locally, ACJ enjoys strong collaboration with:

Government Line Ministries: a child-centered civil society of organizations and networks. It sits on the State Party Technical Committee, a body mandated to submit State reports on the situation of children’s rights and their implementation in the country before mechanisms such as the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC) and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).


ACJ is also a member of and current Coordinator of the National Child Rights Forum (NCRF), a Coalition of 21 child-focused CSOs.


Children in Need Network (CHIN), along with over 300 members. CHIN-ECPAT Zambia — Children in Need Network (


Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC), group who’s mission is to preserve a high educational standard for Zambian children. Zambia National Education Coalition- ZANEC Facebook 


Prisons Health Advisory Committee (PHAC), group that works alongside other government organizations to maintain health standards in prisons across Zambia.


Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN), purpose of PAN is to offer legal aid services to the poor and vulnerable groups, by strengthening the role of paralegals in the justice system locally. Welcome | Paralegal Alliance Network (


Child Justice Forum (CJF), platform that encourages organizations to convene and discuss matters of challenges occurring within the child justice sector. The Child Justice Forum – Judiciary of Zambia (

International partners

ACJ has enjoyed strong partnerships with international Organizations that have in time past and continue to provide technical, financial, material, moral and spiritual support for the continuity and growth of our work. Some of these are:


The Center For Church-Based Development  (CKU): For over 5 years, funded our Mutule Child protection Project on combating child marriage and prostitution in 2 Provinces ( Lusaka and Central), which has successfully retrieved more than 350 children from these ills and further supported their families’ IGAs for boosted household income. This is as a preventive measure of these problems. The Mission also donated Medical equipment to furnish our Community Clinic which is under construction in Lukata Village and intended to offer quality healthcare for the more than 8000 inhabitants who are 35 km away from the nearest Health Centre. This will lighten the burden placed on the existing facilities in Central province which service more than 300,000 people.

Hope’s Doorway: Has been a long standing partner in our health and education pillars, coming in with Medical supplies and expertise during our Lifesavers’ Medical Missions and Community Health Awareness Campaigns. They have continued to provide sponsorship for our  children withdrawn from early and forced marriages and prostitution as well as other vulnerable and orphaned children in John Howard/ Chawama areas, Lusaka, Lukata Village, Chibombo District and Katoba Village, Chongwe District. Hope’s Doorway – Supporting Impoverished Children. (

Plan International: For over 4 years, supported our Legal Aid Desk Project whose focus is to enhance the capacity of duty bearers in the Zambian Justice system, advocate for the establishment of child friendly courts, strengthen community structures and linkages. All in a bid to promote improved administration of child justice in Zambia. Advancing children’s rights and equality for girls | Plan International (



A Broader View (ABV) Volunteer Travel Progamme:

In partnership with this US, Non-profit volunteer travel programme, ACJ welcomes volunteers of different professions and interests from around the world. Through a short, friendly, online application process, volunteers are attached to the appropriate Organization/Project with the support of the local coordinator.

During their stay, while serving and applying their skills, volunteers have the opportunity to experience different facets of the Zambian life and culture first-hand, in a rural or urban setting as the case may be.  They also get the chance to enjoy the nature and wildlife our National Parks have to offer for an even more memorable experience! Be impacted as you impact others through your service!

For more information on this programme and how to apply, visit A Broader View. Also check  your country visa requirements to guide in the process!

Looking forward to hosting you!