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PIC 1My name is Mabuvto and I was involved with a case and charge of armed robbery. My friend bought a cell phone that turned out to be stolen from someone that was killed. Through the police investigation, they apprehended my friend and he told the officers that my brother and I were witnesses to the buying of the phone. The police arrested us and charged us with aggravated robbery. I was remanded at Lusaka Central Prison.Throughout the course of my trial, Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) was present and assisting me.

They were active in tracking my case and ensuring that the case was being heard in a timely fashion. They also provided me with motivation and encouragement to stay strong, and also spoke on my behalf. I was eventually found not guilty and released from prison after 2 ½ years. My behaviour has changed as a result and have realized my abilities and learnt. My advice to children is that they can move away from doing wrong and have faith. I am now working at Pick n’ Pay in Ndola.

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