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Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) is proud to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day  as a day that promotes international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improve children’s welfare. This day was established in 1954  to help  bring about the realization of  children’s rights across the Globe. Yesterday the 20th  November, 2018 this day was commemorated under the theme” Children are taking over and turning the world blue”.

ThCHILD RIGHTSe organization appreciates this day as the  day that serves  to remind state parties on the importance of promoting best practices in the promotion of children’s voices. This day  recognizes human rights systems and  efforts that apply equally in all cultures, traditions and political systems, without adjustment or mitigation. It further promotes legal frameworks that  protects and fulfills the rights of all children, both boys and girls with the principle of universal acceptance of leaving no one behind.

This day serves to help many communities across the globe in raising the voices of children for their rights  to be served with justice especially in vulnerable situations.


Commemorating this day means  pushes for children’s unique needs to be met equally. .

Promoting children’s rights is key in building a just society that reflects children’s voices .

Happy Universal  Children’s Day!

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