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Children’s Recreational Football Tournament…..


As an NGO that works with children, recreation is one of the tools we use to help rehabilitate children in contact with the law and those that are at risk. We believe that recreation helps children become physically fit and mentally by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. We also believe that violence and other crimes decrease when children participate in community recreational activities. And speaking of recreation, remember we had announced last week that the children would have a football tournament on Saturday, 8th October, 2016. Well we had the tournament, and we had 4 teams from 4 different communities that played against each other, and these were from Kamanga Community, Kalingalinga Community, Chawama Community and N’gombe Community. Chawama vs Kalingalinga (6-1), Kamanga vs N’gombe (10-0), N’gombe vs Kalingalinga (9-0) respectively, and lastly the fourth game between Chawama and Kamanga was tough one, after playing for 90 minutes, they both did not score but went on to do penalties and Chawama beat Kamanga 9-8 respectively. This on our part was also another way for children from different communities to interact and get to know one another. We interviewed some of the boys and they stated that they were happy that they had been part of the tournament and that they could not wait for the next one. They also went to say that it was a good thing that they had attended as they would have been up to not good if they had not because of too much time on their hands. We as ACJ were happy to hear that the recreational activities we offer to the children were helping them stay out of trouble.

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