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Maternal and Child Health Improves in Lukulu District



On 9th August, 2016, in Lukulu District Hospital,Mr. Simon Mundemba, the Medical Officer says there has been significant improvements in child and maternal health indicators since the opening of the new public medical facility commissioned by the Deputy Minister of Health in mid 2015.

“Maternal deaths reduced from 6 deaths per annum in 2014 to 2 deaths per annum in 2015. In previous years [before 2014], the district used to record up to 12 maternal deaths per year” Dr. Mundemba said.

Dr. Mundemba added that with support from the Governemnt of Zambia in collaboration with UNFPA, the district has also been able to train and deploy midwives, thus contributing to the reduction in maternal deaths in the district.

“Previously we were using classified daily employees when staffing levels were low. But with the support of Governement and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 5 midwives have been trained and are conducting deliveries through-out the district. In addition, 10 nurses have also been trained in emergency, obstetric and neo-natal care”. Dr. Mundemba said.

Dr. Mundemba also highlighted that with the best medical equipment at their disposal, medics at the new hospital are able to adhere to the 3Cs – Care, Competence and Cleanliness. “In this new hospital, we are doing our best to care for mothers and their new borns”, he said.

Noting the key outcomes of the training for nurses, Mr. Mayoche Mwila – a nurse at Lukulu District Hospital indicated that “the training in EmONC has been very beneficial. We are now able to manage all maternal and new born health complications such as obstructed labor as well as manual vacuum aspiration to prevent deaths” Mr. Mwila said.

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