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Children’s workshop in Lukata


ACJ conducted a Children’s Workshop in Assertiveness and Sexuality in Lukata and it was successful because the children participated and made it is clear that they had a good time and they also acquired a lot of knowledge from the the facilitators and were asking questions where they were not clear. ACJ during the workshop was targeting adolescent boys and girls of which were about 50 all together. This workshop was also conducted in order to sensitise the children on the effects of child prostitution and child marriages also to help combat these vices.

The children were encouraged to focus on education and only think about marriage when they had attained their goals. They were also encouraged to keep with recreational activities if they were not busy with school just to keep them from have a lot time thinking about these vices. They were also taught on how to become better by teaching them the POWER Model empowers the children with decision making skills that would help them identify a Problem, look at the Options, Weigh the Options, Elect the best option and Reflect on their decisions after some time.

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